The business world is built on connections. Sometimes, however, risks can create fissures that keep connections from happening.

Durham & Bates focuses on identifying risks that might affect your people and your assets. Working as your partner, we drive toward solutions that impact your organization in positive, constructive ways.

Strengthening the connections between people, products and services is central to our work.

Every day, our clients harvest, produce, market and distribute food and beverages across the globe, turn real estate purchases into successful commercial ventures, and employ thousands of people in big cities and small towns. Like you, they need help managing risks that exist on shop floors, in manufacturing plants, and occur in corporate offices. To do so, Durham & Bates provides solutions that mitigate challenges, and allow our clients to make decisions that propel business forward.

We bridge gaps between people, products, and essential service.

All transactions and commercial projects possess diverse needs.

Durham & Bates delves into the critical interests you need us to focus on, whether they involve products, services, modes of transportation, structures, or people. As we see things, every potential risk requires proactive planning, and immediate or urgent situations demand critical, decisive responses. Knowing how things move in the business world means being able to anticipate and understand the complexities involved in every transaction and connection, especially when you call on us to solve regional issues and global needs.

Make Durham & Bates your central station.

Leading our Commercial Risk line:

Alissa Clayton

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Christen Picot

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Dara Reffitt

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David Hearns

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Emily David

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Evelyn Sorenson

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Jeremy Andersen

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Kelli Lucey

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Kristi Calvin

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Melissa Hall

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Michael Davis

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Sandy Taylor

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Tali Aflague

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Zach Boyd

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