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Confusion happens in the business world. The right conversations can get you past confusion, and toward clarity.

Dealing with confusion can happen when your business is pivoting, entering a new market, or exploring solutions that stretch beyond the way you’ve done things in the past. However, you don’t want to get stuck in the land of confusion. Nor do you want to use it as an excuse to run back to the way things “used to be.”

Wherever your business is trying to go, and whatever situation you need to solve, we make sure you arrive at a meaningful and viable outcome.

Imagine a product that no insurance carrier wants to touch—not because they’re afraid of it, but because they can’t define it. It simply doesn’t fit in a prescribed box. What does that mean for you and your attempts to bring it to the market? In some cases, a business might recoil, or perhaps they’ll continue to iterate their product until an insurer is happy with the changes. Our clients have the opportunity to take a different approach: they lean on us to help change the narrative.

10% of our work happens at our desks. 90% happens in the world at large.

Some of our work happens at our desk. The rest of the time, we pound the pavement for you.

We visit factories, warehouses and retail spaces to get to know your products. From there, we are not shy about hosting and facilitating meetings and conferences with influential carriers in order to get them to see things from a new perspective on your behalf. Why? Because we understand that this level of work is vital if it means helping your business straighten out the bigger picture and accomplish strategic goals.

Tell us what conversations you’d like us to have for your business?

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