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Are your trees protected? The question is short and direct. Getting to the answer often involves a number of twists and turns.

Growing timber is a huge investment of money, time, labor, and maintenance. And growing is only part of the story of standing timber and forest products.

Every step in the process of covering standing timber requires an in-depth understanding of the vast ecosystem of logistics and risks.

Harvesting and felling involves planning for risks that can impact growth, such as fires, lightning, explosions and wind. Meanwhile, transportation covers every mile of highway and rail, not to mention nautical miles when timber is shipped across waterways. Then there are the logistics of storage and manufacturing, both of which require that you address and answer essential questions related to cutting down grade loss in stored lumber, how green the lumber is, whether it has been dried thoroughly, and how long you’ll need to store it. Finally, there’s production and distribution, which point to how the lumber will be used. Is it going toward finished products? Building supplies? Shipping containers? How many hands and machines must it pass through before its journey continues?

Durham & Bates helps to transfer the catastrophic risks associated with timberland ownership away from you.

Local to the Northwest, we’ve supported the timber management and wood products operating community for more than a century. Via a strategic partnership with London Underwriters, we are the exclusive managers of the Durham & Bates Forestry Facility, including pricing, deductibles, and coverage that goes beyond what you’ll find in the typical timber insurance marketplace.

Protect your investment in standing timber and forest products at every stage.

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