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Without manufacturing, houses and offices would be empty. Shelves would be bare. Structures would never rise.

Manufacturing is all about creating opportunities and building the world. But the manufacturing industry comes with a unique set of vulnerabilities, exposures, and risks.

We support every phase of the large-scale production and manufacturing chain.

People are waiting at every end of the manufacturing spectrum and supply chain. Whether or not they’re thinking about the steps involved in the process, we know that you are. So are we. Therefore, we help manufacturers across dozens of industries and business sectors manage risks, logistics, and connections in the following areas:

  • General and products liability
  • Excess liability
  • Building or machinery
  • Commercial automobile fleet
  • Finished goods
  • Cargo, transportation or storage
Every link in the manufacturing & supply chain requires attention.

Address the complexities of your risk management needs, and get products, tools, technologies, and food to the market.

As a manufacturer, it’s possible that you currently have millions of dollars allocated to resources such as machinery, personnel, and products that eventually must find new homes. As such, you take on considerable risks every day. Even the smallest hitch in your operations can create disruptions, and make it difficult to deliver your goods and services. Durham & Bates provides you with a broad view of risks that might impact your business, and the decisive know-how it takes to avoid or mitigate them.

Learn more about leveraging our partnerships with insurance carriers to help mitigate manufacturing risks.

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