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Getting from A to B is never as simple as it looks. In fact, arriving is only one piece of a long, logistical chain.

Issues related to fleet safety, liability exposure, preventable accidents and more are always on our radar.

We manage risks and exposures that come from every angle, whether they affect your vehicles, people, or operations.

For clients in the trucking and fleet auto space, every mile brings the possibility of new risk. On the operational side, there’s auto liability to consider, warehouse exposures, equipment coverage, and pollution concerns. Then there’s the people side of trucking and fleet auto. This includes issues related to general liability and workers compensation.

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To start, we guide you through a fleet management risk analysis, and examine every aspect of your auto and trucking fleet exposures.

We explore every track on your behalf, including:

  • Scope of operations
  • Driver qualifications and hiring
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Training issues
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Corporate fleet policies
  • Review of your existing fleet safety manual
  • Developing and monitoring new safety policies
  • Pollution liability exposures
  • Contractual agreements (such as trailer interchange and railroad sidetrack)
  • Claims analysis

Working as your partner, we continue to bring you added services to support and strengthen key links that affect your business every day.

Find out more about how we help you manage risks related to your commercial fleet.

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