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Your organization’s purpose and methods reflect its history, and affect the way your business moves forward.

Knowing which route to take to meet regulations, address compliance concerns, and manage change can be tricky.

We help business owners and organizations map out accurate risk profiles.

The philosophy and principles behind your organization’s practices are coded into its DNA. The same can be said for your vision as a business owner. They help guide the way you hire, onboard, train, set salaries, and lead succession planning. However, it’s not always so simple to manage regulations and compliance challenges, especially when you operate in different countries, states, and jurisdictions.

Map out your total cost of risk.

Durham & Bates helps you align your programs and practices with changing rules and regulations.

Understanding every compliance rule or new piece of business-focused legislation can seem impossible. Without clarity, you can inadvertently complicate the path you’re following. Durham & Bates believes that the information you need is readily available, and it’s our job to decode it for you. We drill into key pieces of data to support your negotiations, finalize deductibles, review ratings plans, and identify the right group self-insured programs for you. Through strong partnerships with service providers, we support loss prevention and claims management services that help lower your claims costs and premium dollars.

For owners and organizations, we bring you the focus and insight you need to manage risks, exposures, and other short- and long-distance concerns. Then, we help you follow the right track. That way, your route can be as continuous, unobstructed, and direct as possible. To deliver integrated programs and coverages you require, we provide:

  • Masterplanning
  • Studies & assessments
  • Direct contact with underwriters and producers

What path can we clear for you and your organization?

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