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Your small business has the potential to go big places.

We help you uncover your risk profile, so you can follow the right route.

Make every leg of your small business journey matter.

Many small businesses get started after a few passionate people decide they want to do things differently. Some are born out of tough times. Others come about after a chance meeting, or on the strength of a great idea. No matter how or why you started your small business, it’s likely that your personal interests are aligned with the work you do. When that’s the case, it can be difficult to pull yourself away for a moment in order to explore options, opportunities, and risks.

While you focus on the details, we help you move forward.

The right insurance coverage can help protect you from damages related to accidents, property issues, professional missteps, workers’ compensation claims, and other situations that involve customers, clients, partners, or the community. Durham & Bates brings you focus and insight to manage such risks and exposures, and minimize the impact of potential claims.

Small business insurance coverage can help:

  • Guard against claims related to bodily injury
  • Protect you in cases related to property damage
  • Prepare to request lines of credit, or gain working capital
  • Venture into new markets with confidence

What route can we help your small business take?

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