Welcome to Specialty Lines.

To manage risks at the operational level, we scan every bend in the road.

Durham & Bates provides the due diligence, vetting, exploration, and review that your critical operations require.

Potential roadblocks don’t always present themselves in the light of day.

When it comes to the myriad of technical and operational aspects required to run a business, plenty of business owners wish that things would just take care of themselves. Too bad this desire doesn’t fit reality. Instead, businesses employ teams of people, plus third-party consultants, to make sure the technical aspects of daily business operations are in place. Those that opt for a streamlined, seasoned approach turn to Durham & Bates.

Shine a brighter light on the technical and operational aspects of your business.

We focus on getting ahead of things before they happen.

Businesses need a steady hand and expert insight to put programs and solutions into place at the operational level. In managing your risks, we focus on driving businesses toward profitability and sustainability. On any given day, our team is prepared to take on nearly any task, whether researching the soil composition under your building, delving into your tech infrastructure, or shoring up the business basics that too many organizations take for granted.

What operational area can we focus on for you?

Leading our Specialty line:

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