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Your products are on the move. What’s happening to them while they’re in transit?

Credit insurance is a hedge that protects your investments at every stop on the manufacturing and supply chains.

Protect your accounts receivable against losses.

Credit insurance protects business-to-business accounts receivable against losses due to credit risks that stem from protracted default, insolvency, or bankruptcy. We work closely with a powerful network of suppliers to help protect your accounts receivable. That way, you can manufacture and distribute dry goods, timber, lumber, industrial equipment, produce, recreational supplies, and building materials around the globe with a new sense of security.

A trade credit policy helps you account for the actions of your business partners.

In today’s business environment, a trade credit policy can be essential when you’re focused on growth.

Trade credit insurance, starting with a strong trade credit policy, protects your business against political risks, non-payment when buyers run into currency issues, unrest, or expropriation. Your trade credit policy can be a critical next step to help you:

  • Expand into new markets
  • Increase sales
  • Extend larger lines of credit to customers
  • Request larger lines of credit from your own commercial bank
  • Gain more working capital with which to grow
  • Extend credit
  • Collect past-due accounts worldwide

Discover new ways to manage your accounts receivable, and guarantee compensation.

Leading our Credit Insurance line:

Sean McCarthy

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