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Risks related to environmental liabilities can come out of nowhere, and derail your forward momentum.

What’s more, the direct and indirect costs associated with remediation can kill building purchases, expansions, or capital projects before they start.

Durham & Bates helps you uncover and mitigate potential environmental liabilities before you dig too deep.

Environmental liabilities are some of the most common risks that any business can face. They can involve things such as toxins, dust, molds, and chemicals that might lead to illness or death. Our environmental insurance team supplements traditional services by analyzing the unique risks that might be lurking in and around your structures and job sites.

We look at much more than just your building.

We explore the inner workings of your ducts and air system, delve into the materials that were used when structures were built, and even uncover the historical footprint of your geographic location down to the soil. Doing so gives us, and you, an accurate picture of potential exposures. From there, we review your current property and casualty insurance coverage, and build a program that helps you protect your people and assets. Our environmental risk programs can include the following:

  • Contractors’ pollution legal liability
  • Commercial property redevelopment pollution policy
  • Environmental consultants professional liability
  • Non-owned disposal site liability
  • Site pollution & remediation legal liability
  • Property transfer pollution legal liability
  • Storage tanks liability
  • Transporters’ pollution legal liability

Let us assess your level of environmental risk, then put new insight to work for you.

Leading our Environmental line:

David Hearns

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