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With the right travel companion, you can discuss things that some people would rather avoid, and coordinate loss control effectively.

With the right partner, communication is honest and ongoing. As a result, threats are identified and losses are minimized.

In the eyes of many, workers’ compensation is an absolute necessity.

Business owners and organizational leaders know that doing business comes with risks. Among those include potential injuries that employees incur while on the job. In the insurance world, workers’ compensation provides wage replacement and medical benefits in such cases. In exchange for compensation, an injured worker relinquishes their right to sue. Federal law requires that most employers carry workers’ comp for employees, while states and municipalities have their own rules as well. Durham & Bates helps you sort out the steps involved in putting a solid workers’ compensation strategy in place.

We help manage your workers’ compensation program design and placement.

As a business owner, you want to be covered in the event one of your people needs workers’ compensation. Whether your state has laws that require you to provide employees with workers’ compensation benefits, or you choose to voluntarily provide coverage, we focus our efforts on the following:

  • Claims and loss control best practices
  • Plan and status reviews
  • Review and optimization of quality of loss prevention services
  • Outsourced loss control
  • Large loss analysis
  • Workers’ comp education

Don’t shy away from putting the right workers’ compensation plan in place for your employees.

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