Welcome to Structures.

When it comes to real estate ventures, brick and mortar projects, or capital campaigns, we help clients look up toward possibilities.

You’ve hired your architect, and found your engineers. Count on Durham & Bates to dive into the finer details before you break ground, or turn walls into walkways.

At every turn, someone is building.

Cityscapes. Office parks. Second homes surrounded by 20 acres of wilderness. All properties, buildings and structures come with promises and possibilities. They also possess unique risks that require preparation, management, and due diligence. That’s why Durham & Bates brings big-picture thinking to support real estate ventures and building projects of all sizes and scopes.

We speak the language of commercial property underwriting for you.

What if the historical building you’re about to acquire needs a new sprinkler system?

Before you can add sprinklers to the ceiling, you have to know what’s going on underground. And, once you get into the dirt around an older site, what happens if you discover pollution concerns? Working with you, we turn questions like these into answers by diving into specific details around engineering, scope of the work, your contractors, and any agreement you have with local authorities. From there, we connect with underwriters to make sure your structure or building-related project has the coverage you need.

Let’s take a look at the plans you’re drawing up.

Leading our Structures line:

Michael Davis

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