Welcome to Marine Shoreside.

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When your business is at home on the water, the shore side structures you count on are essential to safe operations.

We put our foundation in the maritime industry to work for you.

Maintain the integrity of your shore side structures.

In many cases, structures that support fishing, boating, building, or other marine-related ventures are designed around the needs of fishermen, riggers, travelers, and large-scale marine operators. In some cases, these structures must still maintain their core functionality after more than a century of facing out to the waters. Durham & Bates has been looking out across the waters for just as long.

We cover fixed shore side structures + your people.

It’s nearly impossible to count the number of exposures you face with marine shore side operations and real estate.

Marine shore side operations can be vast and varied. The same can be said for the risks, whether related to weather incidents, erosion concerns, disrepair, mold, or pollutants. In order to provide key shore-side coverages that might impact your business, we combine the skills of our commercial and marine teams, and facilitate coverage programs from start to finish. Our work includes:

  • Marine general liability
  • Workers’ compensation / USL&H
  • Assisting with compliance
  • Providing risk management consultation

Find out how you can protect the vital interests of your marine shore side operations and structures.

Leading our Marine Shoreside line:

Michael Davis

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