There are opportunities everywhere you look. Helping you identify and drive toward them is what our people do.

Yes, roadblocks and boundaries are real.

However, we don’t let them stop us, even if it means delivering a brand new product to the insurance market. In fact, our culture is built to do just that.

The work we do is about much more than helping people secure coverage.

Durham & Bates creates connections, manages every aspect of insurance projects, assesses and mitigates risks, and helps you achieve strategic goals. You might need our team to review and reset the connections you already have, or spot something you may have missed the last time you studied your atlas. Perhaps you need a firm to turn “someday” into “now.” Whether change is happening now, or something new is looming, we bring a steady hand.

Integrity is our fuel. It’s clean, efficient, and rubs off on others.

When the road swerves, we follow the line that hovers tight to integrity.

Our people work as a team of entrepreneurial thinkers to drive our culture forward. Together, we handle immediate situations, long-term planning, and the many intangibles that come with moving you beyond obstacles and toward opportunities. We focus on completing deals the right way, and never simply for the sake of getting something done. Being able to integrate strategy and speed in the world of risk management requires skill, ingenuity, and trust. Doing so with seamless operations and effective decision-making only happens after decades of practice. In our case, it’s a century of results.

Learn more about the path we take to create strategic solutions, seize opportunities, and create lasting, meaningful outcomes for organizations and individuals.