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When you’re trying to get somewhere, it helps to go as a team. That’s how we’re built.

At Durham & Bates, collaboration thrives in an environment where every employee is a shareholder, and each voice carries weight.

Collaboration and communication inform everything we do for you.

Maintaining successful partnerships over the long run involves clear and consistent communication, well-defined expectations, and reliable follow-through. Our team members become familiar with your operations, share information across desks and lines of business, and combine market resources to provide a full suite of solutions across geographic regions and specialties.

We share the load and hold the line you.

Our collaborative business model extends a level of commitment that goes well beyond insurance products.

In the end, we’re not just delivering coverage options. We’re bringing you insight and opportunities that will help shore up vulnerabilities, manage risks, and move your business forward. As our client, you receive the full extent of our experience and expertise, including the benefits that come with our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) business model.

Find out more about how our ESOP business model is good for our clients.