Welcome to ESOP.

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When you need to change course, what kind of firm do you want to work with: one that slogs along like a tanker, or one that’s built for swift movements?

As an ESOP, Durham & Bates is set up to move agilely and decisively for you.

Our owner-employees are experts in their fields. They understand market cycles, challenges, and the rewards of running a business.

At the end of the day, being an ESOP gives Durham & Bates a great deal of leverage and leadership when it comes to managing risks and solving challenges. Our teams and workgroups are made up of owners, and everyone has the same goal: to connect you with solutions, manage vital risks, and open up new opportunities.

Engaged. Team-focused. Driven by expertise.

Being an ESOP translates to being able to say “right this way” no matter what type of support or direction you need.

As shareholders, our people have a stake in every client’s success, and a hand in the outcomes. Together, we create paths forward without worrying about getting stymied by a top-down management structure. The combination of speed and professional insight cycles back to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for insurance products, risk management, or a link that leads to a strategic conversation. When so much is riding on your next move, Durham & Bates is built to bring you solutions that stand up to every test that comes their way.

Our ESOP model also informs how we build market relationships on your behalf.

Learn more about our market relationships.