Welcome to Market Relationships.

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When the road you need to follow doesn’t exist, you need a partner who can build it for you.

Our clients possess complex risks and exposures. Sometimes, the only thing that will support them is an entirely new product. To get there, we reach out into our vast network of market connections.

Our all-encompassing approach informs the way we manage partnerships and professional relationships.

Everyone loves connections and safe passage. But where do those connections start? And how do they come about to begin with? We have built strategic connections that span the Pacific Northwest and the globe. This allows us to reach into a deep network of carriers and partners in order to find you a solution, no matter what you need. When you deal regularly with national and international business or trade, you require speed, precision, and foresight to navigate crossroads and manage risk profiles. We serve as a liaison, and encourage direct contact between you and underwriters whenever possible.

Our network supports our proactive risk management approach.

We build teams and external partnerships based on areas of expertise and depth of knowledge.

There’s a great value in developing relationships between carriers and clients. To do so, we utilize a full complement of risk management strategies, including a robust insuring program. And, our strategic connections with some of the world’s largest insurers allow us to act quickly and effectively, especially once we’ve identified an emerging risk. What’s more, we continually monitor and evaluate your risk management strategies and insurance programs throughout the duration of our partnership. This helps ensure that strategies are effective, competitive, and aligned with your goals and objectives as they change.

We lend support in many areas, including:

  • Performing safety audits
  • Operations and claims reviews
  • Engaging with carrier loss control personnel and third party loss control specialists

Discover how the market relationships we build and maintain align with your needs.