Welcome to Leadership.

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For more than a century, we’ve crossed many miles for our clients, always with strong leaders at the helm.

Our employees help steer Durham & Bates through today and tomorrow.

Stability and collaboration define our leadership model.

The present moment shows a shifting landscape full of emerging risks, robust opportunities, and a growing appetite among clients for new types of coverage and consultation. As we move into the future, we’re reminded of what it means to carry that legacy forward, starting with our dedicated leadership team. Sometimes, personal stakes become wrapped up in global needs. People’s livelihoods can be on the line, or the fate of an entire business can hang in the balance. Knowing this, our leaders guide our focus well beyond costs and margins, and come back around to the fact that people are involved at every stage.

Independent. Employee-owned. Focused on connections.

We don’t operate like a sales organization. Instead, we’re people-driven, and solutions-focused.

The firm’s leaders guide Durham & Bates through today’s rapid pace of change. In the process, they honor the past, and prepare for the future. Our succession strategy involves transitioning ownership to new generations of associates, and ensures a smooth transition of our leadership team over time — not just to our next leadership team, but well into the future. This stability is further reflected in the tenure of our people, as associates average more than 10 years with the firm. They are committed to developing their careers, mentoring new hires, partnering through challenges, and being part of our next team of captains.

Each member of our Board of Directors has 15+ years with Durham & Bates:


Sean McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer:

Jeremy Andersen


  • Bill Hurst
  • Mike Davis
  • Stephanie Murphy
  • David Hearns
  • Christen Picot

Connect with our leadership team, and find out how each of them puts a positive mark on the firm’s blueprint.

Leading by example:

Bill Hurst

Bill Hurst Culture Meet Bill

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy Culture Meet Sean

Jeremy Andersen

Jeremy Andersen Culture Meet Jeremy

Our Directors:

Michael Davis

Michael Davis Culture Meet Michael

David Hearns

David Hearns Culture Meet David

Christen Picot

Christen Picot Culture Meet Christen

Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy Culture Meet Stephanie