Why We Are Different 2017-08-02T20:48:06-07:00

How We Do Business

Establishing and maintaining relationships is the most essential ingredient to success at Durham and Bates.  We strongly believe that risk management and insurance is too important to be reduced to a commodity transaction.

  • Our value-added services produce results for our clients and should be considered as equally important as cost.
  • Our employee-owned company colleagues are motivated and challenged to excel and contribute to the success of every partnership.
  • Our relationships within the community are important and we take a very active role whenever possible to contribute in meaningful ways.

Team Approach

At Durham and Bates we truly embrace the team concept.  It’s a part of who we are and how we work every day.  We know that when team members truly work well together, understand and respect one another, the end result is a dynamic and extraordinary experience for everyone, including our business partners.
Our teams are formed based on each associate’s technical insurance knowledge and understanding of the client’s industry focus. The members of a client service team have the proprietary attitude of a company owner and take a personal interest in every client’s success.  Support, expertise and creativity solve even the most complicated challenges for our clients.

The Durham and Bates Culture

We believe the Durham and Bates culture is unlike any other brokerage; one where every associate feels valued and respected for their unique contributions.
Our culture creates an environment where each associates capabilities and talents are fully utilized.  Our high standards and results-oriented culture is one where creativity and leadership is rewarded with opportunity.

Durham and Bates maintains the highest standards of business ethics and professional integrity.  Our reputation stands for itself and reflects favorably on the partners with whom we do business.