Welcome to Our Process.

When it comes to employer-sponsored benefits, arriving at the right answers is everyone’s goal.

The way we help you get the answers is what separates us from the pack. The first thing we do: ask questions. Then we ask more. And more. Why? It’s our way of getting to the heart of your needs.

By asking lots of questions, we uncover your challenges, and build toward your goals.

At the end of the day, we want your employees to brag about the great coverage you offer them. Are they? We want your benefits program to be a strategic part of your recruiting and retention efforts, especially at a time when hiring is on everyone’s mind. Is it? We want to know precisely what gaps exist in your current benefits picture. Can you point toward them? That’s how we can fill them for you. Are you minding the gaps? If not, then do you know what your employees are saying?

Our approach gives your people a platform to communicate the types of benefits they want.

Your employees are a vital part of your process.

When we work with you, we involve your people at every stop. We meet one-on-one with each employee to learn about their health care needs, answer their questions, and gain even more insight into what’s working with your current benefits program, and what could be better.

Eventually, we move from questions to statements that help you make informed decisions. And when we do, we cut through jargon, and don’t bore you with templates that say the same old thing. We want everyone in your organization—executives, employees, and your benefits administration team—to understand what different plans offer, along with how and why certain plans align with what you and your people have told us.

Is that it? Of course not. We continue to take care of your people long after we meet, in an effort to help your organization enjoy what we call “benefits without borders.”

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