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Life follows its own path. Our benefits without borders philosophy creates as many connection points as possible.

Imagine if every health-related issue or question came up during the business day. Anyone could just jump on a phone call, send a message, and find the best answer. In the real world, things usually don’t follow this script.

No matter where or when something happens, Durham & Bates provides employees, executives, and your HR team with clarity and support.

A child’s fever spikes. Someone slips on the ice. A surgery can no longer wait. When it comes to your employees and their families, why should they wait until the next day, or even days later, to find out if a medication, procedure or intervention is covered?

We help your people find answers quickly.

Following our benefits without borders philosophy, our benefits team is a consistent, steady, and informed voice for you. We cut through questions and confusion for employees to address their concerns when they’re grappling with insurance-related stress. To support executives, we work for the greater good of your organization, and help balance budget concerns with coverage that spurs employee engagement. And for HR, we close gaps in your benefits strategy, highlight what’s great about your plan, and manage issues with carriers.

One of our key differences is how we work directly with your employees. Find out more.

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