Welcome to Focus Areas.

Sometimes, even the simplest path can seem complicated. Durham & Bates helps you focus on the essential steps forward.

Clarity is critical when you’re trying to plan and manage your employer-sponsored benefits program.

To begin, we focus on the link between your people and the benefits you offer.

For starters, your employees help determine the shape your benefits take. Do certain employees share similar health and wellness goals? Do you employ a number of families, single parents, or people planning to start a family? Does your plan support an aging workforce with an entirely different set of needs?

Bring a new focus to the way you manage employee benefits.

The way you administer benefits, communicate options, and move with your workforce can help you attract and retain qualified workers.

Do your employees know the ins and outs of your benefits program? Do they use online tools, such as an employee membership portal, to manage their options? Do they come to HR every time they have a question? Based on the breakdown of your answers, we help you apply a new level of focus to each of the following areas:

  • Benefits planning
  • Supporting HR
  • Health insurance
  • Flex spending accounts
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Managing compliance issues

Our focus areas help you cultivate the relationship between your benefits program and your people. Dig deeper into each focus area using the links in the dropdown above.

Leading our Employee Benefits line:

Stephanie Murphy

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