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There’s nothing like a smile waiting for you at the end of a long journey.

Every smile is unique. The same can be said for dental coverage.

Quite often, traditional dental insurance doesn’t meet everyone’s needs.

The trend in many workplaces has been to move away from offering full dental coverage, and offer either limited scope, or dental savings plans. However, just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s the right way for your company to go. For some employees, dental coverage seems like an extra benefit they’ll never really use, or might only use for annual cleanings. Other employees rely on dental coverage for their families, or to cover costs associated with pending surgeries, bridges, implants, or other non-routine services.

Will one dental plan meet each employee’s needs?

Getting to know your employee population is at the heart of how we work. Once we track down information, we work with you to review and determine the best route regarding the following:

  • Dental savings plans and limited scope coverage
  • Pediatric and family coverage
  • Planned or emergency oral surgeries
  • In- and out-of-network costs

Let’s start exploring the level of dental coverage that your employees want and need.

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