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Every traveler enjoys options, especially when the journey is personal in nature.

When you offer employees flexible spending accounts, you’re handing them the map, keys, and the wheel.

Flex spending accounts help employees claim ownership over how they spend their pre-tax healthcare dollars.

It’s safe to say that no two employees are traveling the same road. And, many of today’s employees are also extremely savvy health care consumers. They know what benefits are best for their lives and health goals. For many organizations, flex spending accounts (FSAs) are the right way to help members of a diverse workforce access the personalized type of care and services they need.

FSAs have become a very popular option for many employer-sponsored benefits plans.

At the core, a flex spending account is a short-term savings account that your organization owns and administers. Employees have the power to set aside pre-tax money each month. They then can use the pre-tax dollars to pay for approved health-related expenses. Some employees opt to receive the annual limit at a certain time of the year, to offset costs associated with a pending or immediate medical issue. Others put money toward medical co-pays, in-home care for a family member, child care expenses, or even in vitro fertilization. As an employer, offering flex spending accounts can help you:

  • Promote customization
  • Provide employees with more choices
  • Manage your overall health care costs
  • Give employees new ways to engage with their benefits

We’re prepared to help you and your employees explore flex spending options.

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