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When you’re seeking out a route, make sure you have a game plan in mind.

For businesses and organizations of all sizes, the health insurance environment can be complex. That doesn’t mean it has to be confusing.

Make clarity a key part of your health insurance strategy.

These days, employees and job seekers in nearly every industry consider health benefits when they’re choosing jobs. Some even prioritize health insurance over salaries and workplace perks. This is one of the main reasons why organizations are putting more resources than ever toward the health insurance portion of their benefits programs. Right now, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage are as high as $19,000 per employee — and companies are paying more than 70% of these costs.

One of the ways we judge the success of our work is by how well we help you drive down costs, and clarify your intent.

With the right administration and outside support, your employer-sponsored health insurance can be a key part of your compensation package, retention strategy, and recruiting message. To help you get there, we bring the following insight and services to the table:

  • Assisting you as you review insurance carriers, and design your overall health benefits program.
  • Researching new products that reflect the needs of your employee population.
  • Meeting with employees prior to open enrollment to help them choose a plan that works best for them.
  • Helping you communicate key information about plan designs and costs to your leadership team and employees.

Let’s start a conversation about your employee health insurance.

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