Welcome to Human Resources.

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When you’re in HR, every day can seem like an exercise in getting pulled in multiple directions at once.

Luckily, HR managers can turn the benefits wheel over to Durham & Bates.

When it comes to your benefits program, we’re happy to steer whenever you need us.

When employees have questions about benefits, where do they turn for answers? Usually, they start with HR. As your partner, we take on as much of the benefits work as you need, and at whatever level you require. Do you have a question you’ve been trying to figure out? Call or email us. Are you sick of getting stuck in a carrier’s call menu? We bypass all of the rigmarole and red tape, and get right to the answer for you.

Maximize professional time + energy.

While we’re solving your benefits-related challenges, you can focus on any number of issues that land on your desk.

One way that our benefits team drives answers and solutions forward is by supporting you all year round, not just during open enrollment. We bring you decades of industry experience, contacts, and connections, and utilize new tech that empowers your employees to manage their own benefits. And, we provide support that helps get employees excited about enrolling, including the way you create and follow through on communications strategies that highlight your benefits program in plain language.

Take control of the direction you’re traveling with the help of our HR support services.

Leading our Human Resources line:

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