We’ve secured insurance on behalf of marine operations since before the two-stroke diesel engine.

Oceans and waterways bring people together.

They help make commerce happen. It’s been this way for thousands of years. In the marine industry, arriving at an outcome is rarely straightforward. Getting from A to B can require new routes and navigation to avoid rough stretches.

It helps to go with a firm that’s called the water our home for more than a century.

Our foundation is in the maritime industry.

Our firm has insured marine operations since before the two-stroke diesel engine. Today, we lean on more than a century of expertise and experience to insure a wide range of marine operations and exposures across the globe. With one of the industry’s largest marine teams, we address and manage complex maritime risks in the following areas:

  • Tug and barge fleets
  • Blue water shipping
  • Container and oil tankers
  • Cargo and warehousing
  • Chartering
  • Marine construction
  • Vessel builders
  • Marine pilots
  • Diving and salvage
1 billion in revenue

There’s a sensitive nature to commodities.

Values fluctuate. Goods must get to market on time. To help you meet your strategic goals — and to take on risksthat go beyond a traditional scope — we leverage decades-old connections with major domestic and internationalinsurers, Lloyd’s of London syndicates, members of theInternational Group of P&I clubs, and many others.

What course can we chart for you?

Leading our Marine line:

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy Marine Meet Sean

Bill Hurst

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Stacey Kramer

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Katrina Green

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Becky Karns

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