Welcome to Imports & Exports.

With imports and exports, business risks are always in a state of flux.

Loss control must change with every new environment and passage.

Every moment brings significant exposures.

Every day, importers/exporters ship bulk, breakbulk, and containerized products around the globe. And, at different stages, goods require highly sophisticated storage facilities to guarantee safety and integrity. Clients routinely transport millions of dollars in cargo and equipment across international waters. When situations occur, they rely on us to assist with underwriter notifications and surveyor assignments, and to facilitate communication between hull & machinery, cargo, P&I, and pollution underwriters.

Our process: Identify + Assess + Plan + Control.

Even before a risk presents itself, we take the helm.

To support your import/export operations, we rely on a four-step process:

1) Identify hazard.
2) Assess risk.
3) Build your risk response plan.
4) Monitor and control risks in the moment.

When an incident occurs, we keep you apprised of salvage operations, coverages, and the different ways that costs will be allocated across various policies. Our Import/Export expertise includes:

  • Ocean and inland barge cargoes
  • Wood products, including lumber, plywood and logs
  • Steel cargoes, including coil, pipe, slabs and wire rope
  • Bulk commodities including grain, cement and petroleum
  • Stock Throughput programs
  • Storage Risks and Domestic Transit

Tell us about the risks facing your import/export business.

Leading our Imports & Exports line:

Sean McCarthy

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