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Certain rides are simply not that smooth. It pays to be prepared.

We work directly with you to protect one of your most valuable and intangible assets — accounts receivable — via trade credit insurance.

Protect your business-to-business accounts receivable against major losses.

Credit insurance protects against losses related to a number credit risks, including things like protracted default, insolvency, or bankruptcy. Credit insurance can also include a component of political risk insurance, especially when your operations involve navigating international waters, or dealing with foreign currencies, political unrest, or expropriation.

A trade credit policy can also help you expand into new and unfamiliar markets more comfortably.

The right trade credit policy can create more sales when you extend large lines of credit to your customers. It can also increase your ability to request larger lines of credit from your own commercial bank, giving you access to more working capital. And, a trade credit policy can enhance your ability to collect on past-due accounts worldwide.

What level of trade credit can we put into place for you?

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