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When it comes to global operations, we focus on where your cargo is going, how it’s getting there, and who’s waiting at every turn.

We facilitate insurance protection for cargo through all phases of transportation.

Machines, equipment, and raw materials matter to the people who are sending them off, and awaiting their arrival.

At the start of every program or assignment, we bring specialized insight as we review contracts and compliance. Moving forward from there, we provide risk management advice related to inspections and surveys, and place one-off insurance coverage for various types of charters and cargo.

It’s more than cargo. It’s livelihoods.

Whatever type of cargo you ship, we find the right coverage for it.

We routinely provide insurance for cranes, heavy machinery, generators, electronics, equipment, and other high valued cargoes for a number of industries, including energy, construction and aerospace. We support loss control efforts, and help manage challenging commodities across the full spectrum of transportation exposures. With a network of industry specialists, we address pre-shipment conditions, varying transit means, and post-shipment concerns when transporting any of the following:

  • Lumber products
  • Steel coil and pipe
  • Break-bulk commodities
  • Project cargoes
  • Agricultural products
  • Petroleum products
  • Barge cargoes

Let’s get your cargo to its next stop the right way.

Leading our Ocean Cargo line:

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy Marine Meet Sean

Stacey Kramer

Stacey Kramer Marine Meet Stacey