Welcome to Operations.

Responding to a rough passage is one thing. Avoiding one before it happens takes a high level of preparation.

We leverage more than a century of solutions-based partnership to find alternative routes that address, plan for, and stay ahead of operational concerns.

Too many insurance brokers work only from a reactive posture when it comes to risks and coverage.

When a plan is based exclusively on reacting, it won’t scale with the reality of modern business. Durham & Bates focuses on improving your risk profile, protecting every asset, and enhancing the overall value of your operations. To do so, we collaborate with strategic partners to mitigate the local, regional, and international risks you face before you sail.

The value we create touches every facet of your operations.

If we cannot find an existing solution, we create one.

Some of the areas of risk we review include current risk mitigation, loss control practices, and historical issues. We also look for new ways to tell your story in order to engage with insurers on a deeper level. After all, the way you’re portrayed in the insurance marketplace defines you to underwriters. Your story leaves a lasting impression that can either help you move forward, or keep you drifting in circles.

We are prepared to help define your operational risks.

Leading our Operations line:

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy Marine Meet Sean

Stacey Kramer

Stacey Kramer Marine Meet Stacey

Katrina Green

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