Welcome to Commercial Diving.

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In the world of commercial diving, risks often multiply the deeper you go.

Durham & Bates supports you above and below the surface.

Most people never see the serious work that commercial divers perform.

Commercial divers specialize in a wide range of professional activities, some of which happen as deep as one hundred fathoms below the surface. These can include marine salvage, underwater welding, inspecting bridges, constructing pipelines, dredging, and repairing sea walls, among many other responsibilities.

Durham & Bates is uniquely suited to improve your risk profile in the commercial diving space.

In some cases, you must navigate jurisdictional issues, help divers transition from state workers’ compensation to federal USL&H, or mitigate possible Jones Act exposures. To support you, we leverage our deep connections in the maritime industry, and focus on a number of key areas related to commercial diving. These include:

  • Workers compensation (USL&H / State Act / Jones Act crew)
  • Hull & machinery
  • Protection & indemnity
  • Marine general liability
  • Contractors pollution liability
  • Shoreside / waterborne / submersible equipment
  • Contract and commercial surety
  • Excess / umbrella

Discover how we help solve complex problems in high-stress commercial diving environments.

Leading our Commercial Diving line:

Sean McCarthy

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