Welcome to Marine Claims.

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When you trust your driver, even the most difficult rides have a way of working out.

Claims advocacy begins prior to a claim or loss event. In fact, the journey starts during the underwriting process.

The claims department at Durham & Bates is heavily engaged whenever we place coverage.

Providing continuity is a key part of how we work, and helps ensure that we establish proper claims protocols with lead underwriters. Doing so before a loss helps accelerate the claims process, reduces frustration, and establishes criteria for evaluating an insurer’s service levels.

The best people to manage your claims  = those who structured your policy.

The claims experts on our marine team possess decades of experience adjusting claims and assisting in resolutions.

We maintain contact with you to advise claim status, evaluate the claim for potential severity, and determine available coverage in a given program. When necessary, we coordinate with surveyors, adjusters, and insurers, and build a strategy to coordinate with third-party involvement. Certain examples of claims protocols include:

  • Reserve change notifications
  • Settlement consultations
  • Designated surveyors and adjusters
  • Pre-approved defense counsel in various jurisdictions

Count on our steady hands and strategic thinking during a loss event.

Leading our Marine Claims line:

Becky Karns

Becky Karns Marine Meet Becky

Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy Marine Meet Sean