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The maritime industry is our home. Since our start, we have found ways to improve business and risk profiles across the vast marine space.

What do you need to protect? Whose livelihoods depend on the goods or materials you are shipping? What relationships and connections can we leverage for you?

Chances are, you know exactly what’s at stake as a marine owner or operator.

You have fleets and cargo to protect. Countless jobs, and even the well-being of communities, might depend on the goods you’re transporting. You need a partner who understands the processes and challenges that you wrestle with on a daily basis. You also want a firm that has the experience and capacity for your needs.

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Durham & Bates builds deep relationships with our marine clients.

A relationship with Durham & Bates is different from the very beginning. What we want more than anything is to improve your business and risk profile through our partnership, thanks to continual insight, access and involvement on a range of your unique business challenges. In fact, our partnerships with owners and operators are built for “active duty.” We are on top of situations as they happen, and are prepared to apply our knowledge when and where it matters most.

We leverage key partnerships and connections to help you manage risks and exposure. This includes:
  • Identifying the level of loss prevention currently in place
  • Reviewing data against a risk analysis
  • Targeting specific areas of focus
  • Deliver risk control strategies that work

Tell us what maritime strategies we can put into play for you.

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