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As a charterer, you have a high-risk profile. Our team helps you find and arrive at safe ports.

Whether you own ships outright, lease them, or purchase space on ships, your business is the one moving goods, products, and even passengers across hundreds and thousands of nautical miles.

Getting to know your chartering business is essential to the way we craft coverage.

The environment in which charterers operate can be volatile and unpredictable. Risks come in many forms: international events, political shifts, cyber security situations and more. When they do, they can significantly affect everything from freight levels, to the ability to meet contractual obligations.

What’s more, the entire chartering industry has become highly regulated in recent years, in part to address situations related to safety and pollution. And, with liability requirements more rigorous than ever, charterers across the globe find themselves dealing with increased exposures.

We are here to help keep shipping fleets in business.

Durham & Bates brings decades of experience related to placing insurance, managing risk, and handling claims for charterers. Through partnerships with major carriers, we help charterers address complex risk management and insurance needs, including:

  • Charterers liability
  • Ship agents’ E&O
  • Cargo and cargo legal liability

Discover how we can help you limit and avoid certain risks that all charterers face.

Proactive management strategies lead to successful decisions and improved chartering policies.

Leading our Charterers line:

Sean McCarthy

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Stacey Kramer

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