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There are more merchant vessels moving across national and international waters than at any time in history.

When your operations span thousands of miles, risks can come out of nowhere, and take your business by surprise.

Vessel owners face more unique risks and exposures than ever before.

Imagine discovering that a number of your fuel barges, all of which were of the same design, and built in the same yard, had developed hull cracks. The cost to repair them would be in excess of a few million dollars. While surveyors and naval architects keep busy exploring potential reasons behind the cracks, and offering theories, you need a team that will go beyond theories, and step into action for you.

Technical expertise + Industry experience + More than a century of maritime knowledge.

Theories only go so far in the marine industry.

Proactive, decisive approaches drive outcomes, and lead to settlements in favor of the assured. With Durham & Bates as your partner in the maritime space, you can leverage more than a century of industry experience, along with strategic connections and technical expertise, to help prevent and protect against losses. Every day, we deliver specialized solutions to help vessel owners manage and mitigate risks, whether or not you see them coming. We bring you coverage that matches the scope of your operations, including:

  • Protection & indemnity
  • Hull & machinery
  • Bumbershoot / excess liabilities
  • Freight demurrage & defense
  • War risks

Find out how we can tailor a plan around the risks you face.

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