Life’s journey always brings new opportunities, along with increased risks.

We help you manage the risks, so your journey can be as smooth as possible.

Add the right mix of insight, risk management, and coverage options to your portfolio.

The right personal insurance coverage can help you see opportunities and explore new experiences. Durham & Bates’ personal insurance team leverages professional partners and underwriters, to deliver solutions for you.

Accumulation of wealth = accumulation of risk. Durham & Bates scales with you.

We focus on protecting your family, identity, assets, properties, and lifestyle.

When your vacation home is calling, you want to arrive without worrying about its condition. In an era of rampant cyber issues, you don’t want to lose sleep because you think you’ve been caught up in a phishing scam. When you entrust your personal insurance needs to Durham & Bates, you’ll find support in a many areas of life, including:

  • Homes & properties
  • Automotive
  • Assets
  • Excess liability
  • Owning a small business
  • Running a small non-profit organization

Discover more about our personal insurance process and solutions.

Leading our Personal Risk line:

Emily Klasson

Emily Klasson Personal Meet Emily

Evelyn Sorenson

Evelyn Sorenson Personal Meet Evelyn

Kerrie Denner

Kerrie Denner Personal Meet Kerrie