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Personal assets take many forms, from real estate, to physical items, to investment accounts.

In many cases, these assets aren’t covered by other policies.

Avoid blind spots in your coverage.

Many people believe their assets are protected under other personal insurance policies. Unfortunately, by the time they discover that the opposite is true, it can be too late. When your assets possess value, or you want to protect your family and personal identity, Durham & Bates’ professionals help you manage risks, and prioritize your personal insurance needs.

excess liability

Keep your assets from being at risk.

Assets can make up a large part of your net worth. Durham & Bates will consider the true worth of your possessions, investments, and financials, and help you select the right coverage to protect against a number of risk-related situations. For instance:

  • If a legal judgment exceeds insurance limits.
  • Should a catastrophic lawsuit puts your personal fortune at risk.
  • In cases where you need guaranteed asset protection (GAP) coverage.
  • To protect from major fraud or identity theft schemes.

Contact Durham & Bates to discuss the right amount of coverage for your personal assets.

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