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When you’re on the road, we help you manage every ‘what if?’ situation.

Auto liability insurance covers financial responsibility — and much more — when you are in an accident.

Cover every mile.

Whether driving in the city, out on country roads, or parked at the grocery store, the odds are that in your lifetime you will need insurance to respond to an auto accident, or auto-related claim. Your policy, along with the people supporting you, are key when it comes to how well your experience goes after you file a claim.

Durham & Bates brings insight and compassion to auto coverage.

Do you want repairs made with original manufacturer’s parts? Do you want your carrier to pay the full cost of repair at your desired repair shop? Do you want help accessing whether a claim will cost you more in premiums? These are just some of the questions we help you answer when you’re looking for automotive coverage.

Add the right mix of risk management and coverage for the roads you travel.

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