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These days, people are on the road like never before.

Auto liability coverage can help you add peace of mind with every mile.

Don’t settle for insurance that only gives you some of what you need.

Cover yourself, your family, and your automobile — on and off the road — with the tailored coverage you deserve and truly need. With the right level of auto liability insurance, you can protect the people and assets that matter.

Auto coverage protects you when you’re driving or parked.

Automotive coverage adds new layers of protection whether you’re going to a meeting, heading out to a family dinner, or parked in front of your house. Durham & Bates helps you delve into and answer questions about business automobile coverage, including:

  • What are the minimum and maximum amounts of coverage, according to your risk profile?
  • How many drivers do you need to carry on your policy?
  • Is there a certain carrier you should work with?
  • What types of coverage options are available if you use your auto for business purposes?

The coverage we find for you will help you:

  • Manage repair costs after collisions.
  • Get coverage for auto theft.
  • Protect against weather-related damage.
  • Secure family members across every mile.

When coverage is about your time on the road, make Durham & Bates part of your travel team.

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