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Are you building your real estate portfolio?

Having the right coverage can be the most important piece of your real estate plan.

Cover your properties to the fullest extent possible.

Wherever you are as a property owner — whether you’re purchasing your first home, investing in an income property, or approaching real estate as a major retirement strategy — Durham & Bates’ personal insurance team can help you find insurance coverage tailored to your specific needs and plans.

Your journey is unique. Our process tracks with you.

Manage the risks of homeownership.

There are always risks when you own one or more properties. Vacation or second homes can sit vacant for long periods of time. Floating homes deal with mold and rot concerns. Income properties come with safety issues related to renters and guests. No matter what your real estate portfolio looks like, we help you identify personal exposures, and recommend loss control measure and/or insurance products to protect you. Different types of coverage take the following into account:

  • Flood, fire, earthquake damage, and other weather-related or natural events
  • Erosion
  • Break-ins, vandalism, trespassing or theft
  • Injuries sustained by a worker, visitor, or renter
  • Personal property inside
  • Outbuildings
  • Exterior landscapes

Get the coverage you need for your property or properties with Durham & Bates.

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