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A sudden shift or shaking of the ground will rattle more than just your nerves.

Being prepared for an earthquake or flood includes having the right type of coverage.

Cover damages that earthquakes or floods can cause.

Earthquake and flood insurance has become a must-have type of coverage for many homeowners across the U.S. The states of Oregon, Washington, and California are among the most vulnerable. Earthquake and flood insurance helps make sure that damages to your house, along with personal items inside your home, are covered. Coverage also includes reimbursements for expenses you might incur if you’re evacuated or displaced during or after an event.

Earthquake and flood coverage goes beyond standard homeowners insurance.

Some parts of the country experience earthquakes or floods all of the time. However, for your home or dwelling, even small events can leave damages behind. To protect yourself, you can add insurance to your existing homeowner insurance policy, or purchase a separate policy.

The right coverage will help pay for reasonable costs associated with:

  • Cracks in walls, ceiling, or foundation.
  • Damages to personal belongings inside the dwelling, including furniture, electronics, and collectibles.
  • Costs related to renting or relocating after a quake.
  • Costs and fees related to moving, temporary storage, new furniture, meals, clothing, and even laundry services.

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