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When you invest in real estate, you change your risk profile.

As you build your real estate portfolio, be sure you have the right amount of coverage.

Cover your forever home, as well as your getaways.

You might spend years saving up to purchase a vacation home. Perhaps you inherit a second home that’s been in the family for decades. Or maybe you’re preparing to invest in a mobile home, and spend the next few years living on the road. No matter how many properties you own, each one holds tremendous value for you.

3.1% of U.S. homes are used only seasonally. Insurance premiums can be 20% higher on them.

Protect every inch you call home.

We help you protect your home or homes against things like vandalism, natural events, injuries that happen to visitors or workers, and other unexpected circumstances. We leverage long-standing relationship with a number of national and international carriers, including Lloyd’s of London, to provide the right coverage for the following:

  • Primary homes
  • Vacation or second homes
  • Income properties
  • Floating homes
  • Mobile homes

Get answers to your home coverage questions with Durham & Bates.

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