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Your professional purpose often reflects your personal values.

Know which route to take for your business or organization.

We help you map out a realistic risk profile.

When you run a small business or non-profit organization, your personal philosophy and principles often drive your professional endeavors forward. They help guide the decisions and connections you make, as well as the risks you take on. To support you, Durham & Bates helps make sure you have the right coverage, whether you’re looking to grow, move, or just keep things going the way they are.

Protect assets & preserve relationships.

Our strong partnerships with service providers help support your professional efforts.

We work with you to explore coverage options, and dig into key pieces of information in order to support you when you’re negotiating, looking to finalize deductibles, identify self-insured programs, start a new product line, or travel abroad. As your partner, we bring you focused insight so you can manage risks, exposures, and other critical business concerns.

Tell us about the direction your small business or organization is headed.

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